Since our inception in 1946, Northwest Georgia Football Officials Association has a commitment to excellence in football officiating  that is unequaled. Our membership is a diverse, professional and dedicated group that is committed to providing the highest level of officiating to all the Georgia High School Association member schools.

We cover the greater NW region of Georgia from Rossville to Adairsville, Rome to Blue Ridge and all parts between. If you're wanting more information about what the first season as a NWGFOA official is like, visit What to Expect. We are currently receiving applications for the 2017 season. 

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  • The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment. Mike Krzyzewski

Previous Case Book Review Question

4/9 for K from its own 40 yd line. R10 holds K11 at K 42 yd line. R11 catches the kick at R 25 yd line and is tackled at R 29 yd line.


RULING: K's ball, 1/10 from the 50 yd line.   Rule 10.4.3

If K accepts the penalty for holding, it will be K's ball,
first and 10 from the 50-yard line. Post-scrimmage kick enforcement applies only
to R fouls committed beyond the expanded neutral zone. (2-41-6)


Case Book Review

K1’s onside kick is in flight 14 yds beyond team K’s free-kick line when K2 catches it.

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