Join the Team!

Since our inception in 1946, NWGFOA has a commitment to excellence in football officiating  that is unequaled. Our membership is a diverse, professional and dedicated group that is committed to providing the highest level of officiating to all the Georgia High School Association member schools. 

We cover the greater NW region of Georgia from Rossville to Adairsville, Rome to Blue Ridge and all parts between. If you’re curious what the first season as a NWGFOA official is like check out What to Expect. We are no longer taking applications for the 2014 season. If you’re interested in officiating for the 2015 season contact our webmaster for more information.

2014  Training Schedule

The 2014 Training Schedule has been finalized.  Come prepared to each meeting by reviewing the content that will be covered. The final meeting is Monday, September 8th  at 6:30 p.m.  at Dalton State College in the Brown Building.  We will be taking a 50 question exam taken from the 2014 NFHS Exam. You can find the exam under the resources tab.

Last Week’s Case Book Review 

Situation 8.5.1C A scrimmage kick by K1 from his own EZ is muffed in flight beyond the neutral zone by R1 and rebounds into the end zone where it is recovered by K2. The ball becomes dead in the EZ when K2 downs it.


RULING:  This is a safety because the force which put the ball into the end zone was still the kick by K1. R will be awarded 2 points and K will free kick from K’s 20-yard line. (8-5-2b)

Video of the Week (Illegal Personal Contact)

Watch A21 at the top of the screen following the play. This action would be enforced under Rule 9.4.3g. The offended player would fall under the description of a defenseless player.